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Dr. Marc Gayol

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Dr. Marc Gayol is board certified in Public Health and has 30 years in the healthcare and education fields, and has accumulated extensive senior leadership, management, administrative and educator experience in several different roles combined with a strong background in licensure, accreditation, and regulatory compliance. Dr. Gayol has 30 years of experience in nursing and education, with 10 of those years as a senior director/dean for academic programs. Dr. Gayol has been in the healthcare industry as a practicing nurse and mentor as well as serving in senior leadership roles both in private and public sectors within areas of public health, informatics, and higher education.

Doctorate degree in Education Administration, Master degree in Nursing Education

As a Senior Director/Dean, Dr. Gayol was responsible for:

• Development, implementation, revision, and accreditation of BSN (traditional and accelerated), BSN-RN, MSN, DNP programs
• Day-to-day operations of nursing programs, accreditation, student services, and distance education
• Led schools and colleges of nursing/health professions recognized as addressing the needs of underserved populations
• Academic and curriculum development and direction
• Guided faculty in meeting their expected teaching, scholarly, service, and practice outcomes for successful retention and tenure – Mentored faculty and administrators
• Obtained federal, state, and local funding for program and faculty development, and program expansion
• Developed/revised administrative and organizational structures
• Developed/implemented new programs and schools across multiple campuses
• Administered and delivered distance education programs

Accreditation Experience:

• Ten years as a team leader for onsite evaluation visits to schools applying for CCNE and successful obtaining accreditation for on-ground and /or distance BSN, BSN-RN, MSN, DNP, and certificate programs
Dr. Gayol has over 10 years of experience writing accreditation self-studies and reports. His experience includes:
• Writing initial and continuing CCNE accreditation reports and achieving accreditation for BSN and RN to BSN, MSN, and DNP programs
• Writing and receiving NLNAC or ACEN candidacy and/or initial and continuing accreditation for BSN, RN to BSN, MSN, and DNP programs
• Consulted with RN to BSN schools of nursing for NLNAC accreditation

Consulting Experience:

• Five years of on-site and distance consultation for institutional, regional, and programmatic accreditation
• Over 10 years consulting on curriculum, program, and faculty development


Melani Stallkamp MSN /NCLEX Consultant and Mentor

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“A seasoned Nursing Professor and former Program Administrator with the knowledge and expertise of restructuring programs, aligning curriculum, increasing enrollment, mentoring nursing faculty, and obtaining first-time NCLEX-RN 100% pass rates.

I am a content expert teaching in maternal-child nursing, fundamental, medical-surgical, theory, and health assessment as well as test-item writing development. Concept-based teaching, distance learning, and active learning strategies in the classroom is an overall strength of my teaching experience in nursing academia.”


Dr. Sheila Burke

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Dr. Sheila Burke is a Nurse Executive with more than 20 years of experience in leading nursing education programs from application through accreditation. Her background includes responsibility for directing and developing nursing education systems that served thousands of students in locations across the country. She has held leadership roles in healthcare administration as well as nursing education. She has extensive experience with boards of nursing and held key roles in programs achieving state approval and accreditation at the regional, national, and professional level. She has been responsible for leading education teams through curriculum development and instructional design and oversaw projects for integrating new curriculum and evaluation processes with a variety of learning management systems. She has been responsible for the hiring, developing, and directing of deans of nursing in order to facilitate achievement of the institution’s key performance indicators, including NCLEX pass rates and regulatory compliance. She successfully led programs through rapid change during the COVID pandemic while maintaining focus on academic excellence and student support. She has created and collaborated on programs to improve student engagement and the development of innovative clinical education affiliations. She has mentored nursing deans and faculty to achieve advanced leadership skills.  


Dr. Burke has created faculty and staff development programs that fostered achievement of improved faculty performance and student outcomes. She has served as an organizational leader for strategic planning and addressing complex regulatory issues. She has been a leader for initiatives to improve healthy work environments. She has served as a reviewer and co-author for nursing education textbooks and practice standards.


Education: Doctorate degree in Nurse Executive Leadership, Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration, Master’s in Business Administration


Dr. Burke has:

  • Led the formation of nursing education programs at the practical, associate, baccalaureate (BSN Generic, Accelerated and RN-BSN programs), masters (including NP) and doctoral (DNP) levels
  • Created and implemented nursing simulation education programs that integrated technology, developed student skills, and met all regulatory and accreditation standards
  • Developed and implemented new program offerings, working with multiple clinical partners to increase program capacity and graduate placements
  • Evaluated existing nursing programs that had not met established standards and established action plans to achieve sustainable improvements
  • Led the transition of nursing education programs from campus based to online delivery and created multiple hybrid programs that met all accreditation and regulatory standards, including management of faculty training and compliance for multi-state programs
  • Created management tracking systems that provided data essential for program evaluation and improvement
  • Oversaw deans’ performance of program management to achieve organizational performance quality and compliance targets
  • Participated in organizational strategic planning, policy development and design of orientation and dean development processes.
  • Led multiple programs through applying for and achieving ACEN and/or CCNE accreditation (included site preparation for onsite evaluation visits) including successful attainment of accreditation for on-ground and /or distance BSN, BSN-RN, MSN, and DNP programs
  • Facilitated deans and faculty through every phase of adopting and implementing new instructional technology (exam management, NCLEX preparation, publisher resources) including designing student engagement plan and evaluation of resources and impact reports

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