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Orlando Campus, FL

Director of Nursing and Allied Health Programs


    1. Job description Summary: Coordinates the nursing programs over 5 campuses to ensure compliance of all state and national accreditation and licensure standards. Assists the Director of Nursing and Allied Health Programs in the development and administration of academic programs, implementation of the Discipline-Based Dual Language Immersion Model® and the establishment of community relations.

    2. Requirements: Master’s degree in Nursing, required. Doctorate’s degree in Nursing, Health Sciences or Education  3 years of experience in higher education or work experience managing a Nursing Academic Program, License and Certifications as required by the State, ability to work in a multi-task team environment, must be customer service driven, Experience in computer - based customer service, excellent communication skills in English and Spanish (verbal and written)- Fully bilingual (Spanish/English) required, able to work flexible, irregular schedule including nights and weekends and willing to travel within the United States as needed.

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Brooks Stockmon
 offers over 14 years of experience in the field of recruitment and search, with over half that time spent recruiting in the field of healthcare. Before becoming involved in recruiting, Brooks owned his own commercial insurance agency.  In that role, he learned how to serve the needs of a wide spectrum of professional businesses.

He’s made his home in several areas of the country, including the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast. This personal knowledge of the United States, as well as his experience with clients, facilitates his day to day recruitment processes.  Read More>>